The Tasks of Scientific Socialism and the “Work” of the Social-Fascists


Originally published in Scientific Socialist, Volume 4 Number 3, Spring 2001



             Readers of Scientific Socialist should not find it difficult to understand the major tasks of its political line. These tasks are consistent with those of other Bolshevized parties articulated during the early phase of their revolutionary struggle. The first is to unite all advanced into one vanguard organization to reconstruct a new Communist Party. Another is to imbue the working class movement with Socialist consciousness. A third is to always stand at the forefront of the struggle of the working class movement, illuminating its path toward New Democratic and Socialist revolution. We don't confuse these tasks with phrase-mongering; we propose a specific line of march to accomplish them. Integral to this line of march is the struggle to educate the workers about who their friends and enemies are.


            Lenin emphasized that Bolshevism grew, took shape, and became steeled in long years of struggle against organizations that postured as vanguards of the workers while leading them astray, away from revolution’s path. The Scientific Socialists recognize that their trend too can grow, take shape, and become steeled, and that their major tasks can be fulfilled only if they struggle against enemies of this type. And, to be sure, there are many of these enemies operating in and around the labor and progressive movements.


            Anyone who participates in these movements encounters them. They are especially active around big strikes and demonstrations, where they present themselves as Marxist-Leninists or Communists carrying out “work.” They are a diverse array of organizations that claim to stand “independent” of one another, and each group appears to have its own ideas on how to “struggle,” some even openly declaring that they are for “revolution.” But this is just a smokescreen for the uninitiated. Behind this smokescreen stands a sordid bunch of fraudsters that are tactically united in waging counter-revolution against the labor and progressive movements. An examination of their behavior and politics proves that they have nothing in common with vanguard forces that earnestly work to advance the revolutionary movement.


            If they were legitimate vanguard forces, they would be working to unite the advanced into one organization that would build a powerful, genuine Communist Party on a national scale. A party, as Stalin described it, “that is bold enough to lead the proletarians in the struggle for power, sufficiently experienced to find its bearings amidst the complex conditions of a revolutionary situation, and sufficiently flexible to steer clear of all submerged rocks in the path of its goal.”


Are they working to build such a party? Not at all. On the contrary, they “work” to promote their own tiny organizations, and this “work” results in splitting the advanced and preventing the formation of a vanguard party. Not a big, powerful, genuine Communist Party but tiny groups!  It should be clear beyond a doubt that these Marxist-Leninists and Communists are not the least interested in revolutionary change since it is well known among true Marxists that this change cannot even be thought of without such a party.  


            Furthermore, if they were legitimate vanguard forces, they would imbue the workers with   Socialist consciousness that makes them aware of the possibility of and the necessity for revolution and Socialism. More specifically, they would educate the workers about the scientifically formulated aims of the revolutionary movement in the US embodied in a clear program, including the primary aim at this point: the overthrow of the financial oligarchy and neo-fascism, replacing the reactionary state apparatus with a new popular democratic government, which prepares conditions to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat as the means to construct a Socialist society. Moreover, they would carefully clarify exactly what kind of Socialist society this would be, viz., one whose content is in accord with the universal principles of Soviet Socialism yet one manifestly styled along the lines of American culture and tradition.


           Do the groups calling themselves Marxist-Leninists and Communists advance these aims? Not at all. They don’t target the oligarchy as the most powerful section of the ruling class that must be displaced and expropriated. Nor do they expose the neo-fascist state and call for its replacement with a genuine democratic republic. Instead they speak in hackneyed generalities about the capitalists and prettify the state as a bourgeois democracy. At the same time, they have no scientifically formulated aims for the revolutionary movement but issue vague calls for “class struggle,” “new arrangements,” “democratic renewal,” etc. and promote bogus ideas about “socialism,” which some of them associate with pseudo-socialist countries, such as Cuba and North Korea. Not revolutionary and Socialist consciousness based upon science and the experience of the Soviet proletariat but counter-revolutionary and bourgeois consciousness based upon useless generalizations and fabrications!



It stands to reason that because of their behavior and politics, these groups calling themselves Marxist-Leninists and Communists cannot possibly stand at the head of the labor and democratic movements and lead them on a revolutionary path. On the contrary, their activities show that they are subordinates of reaction, fifth column units, mobilized to block the advance of these movements. They are social-fascists: Socialist in words but fascist in deeds.



The fifth column is comprised not only of these social-fascist groups. The trade union bureaucracy under the direction of the AFL-CIO as well as scores of other organizations that pose as progressive and oppositional forces are also fifth column units. Their key leaders are agents of neo-fascism’s subterranean state, whose major function is to suppress, manipulate, and otherwise pacify the workers and peoples’ struggles. Scientific Socialist pointed out long ago that the state is no longer satisfied with throttling the revolutionary proletarian movement. It is also out to systematically stop the spontaneous movements of labor and the democratic currents from making meaningful advances (See “Revolutionary Work in the Present Period,” Volume I. Number 2. Winter 1995). In other words, now US neo-fascism will not even tolerate reformist struggles of labor and the progressive forces. The state has its laws, courts, and police in place to openly crush these struggles. Moreover, if spontaneous actions still break out, the state dispatches its fifth column to liquidate them or to divert them onto a path that is completely harmless to the bourgeoisie.


For example, strike struggles of the workers are routinely suppressed and manipulated by the state’s agents in the trade union bureaucracy, who turn many strikes into impotent protests and weaken or completely gut the rank-and-file’s real demands for higher wages, improved working conditions, etc.  Then the union bureaucrats broadcast their treachery as a great victory for labor! What's worse is that their fraudster social-fascist cronies come out and spread even more confusion among the workers in these situations. Some simply shamelessly support the treachery of the labor-fascists and join in the victory songs. Others make hollow appeals to the workers to “keep up the struggle.” Still others put down the working class struggle as meaningless and make ultra-left calls for labor to immediately embark on Socialist revolution. Thus, their modus operandi is to prevent the workers from critically summing up their struggles, assessing their defeats, and preparing to organize for advance.


Looking back over the past twenty-five years, we can see that neo-fascism and its fifth column have given the oligarchy the weapons it needs to wage continuous warfare against the masses. By stopping the spontaneous struggles for reforms, they have driven the working class and people backwards and forced them into conditions unheard of since the 19th century.


It is the responsibility of the vanguard forces to advance the revolutionary, labor, and democratic, movements. Scientific Socialists are, in fact, for the merger of these movements into one united and organized struggle against the oligarchy and the neo-fascist state. Those who are earnest in waging such a struggle must fight and defeat the social-fascists and other fifth column agencies and take up the major tasks outlined above: uniting into one party reconstruction organization, imbuing the working class and people with Socialist consciousness, and standing at the head of the labor and progressive movements to lead them on the revolutionary path for democracy and Socialism.