9. The Scientific Socialists and Other Revolutionary and Oppositional Forces  


            In striving to reconstruct the revolutionary party of the US working class, the American Scientific Socialists offer this draft program as a modest contribution to the scientific plan to unite all advanced and honest fighters partisan to the cause of the proletariat in the US into one vanguard organization. As aspiring Bolsheviks, they begin to unite not on the basis of abstract notions of “ideology” but on the contents of an organized Leninist program which incorporates analysis of the concrete conditions in the US along with the revolutionary tasks and demands necessary to change them.


            In the course of struggle to unite the advanced into one organization and in fighting for the immediate aims of the US proletariat, support will be given to every genuine oppositional and revolutionary movement in America directed against the oligarchy, the neo-fascist state, and US imperialism.   


            At the same time, the proletarian revolution can only confidently and decisively advance in fraternal alliance and the greatest possible unity of revolutionary action with the working class of other countries.  Thus, in the spirit and on the principle of proletarian internationalism, American Scientific Socialists support and will unite in a common front with all real Communist Parties and organizations and all democratic and anti-imperialist forces around the world that are fighting on the same side of the class barricades against capitalist exploitation, fascist repression, and imperialist dictate, plunder, and aggression.