8. The Working Class and the Revolutionary Fronts


            To effect the social revolution for a New Democratic Republic (NDR), the proletariat with its vanguard organization at the head must lead the struggle for unity in action against the oligarchy and its neo-fascist state. Because in the US the working class comprises the majority of the population, establishing the proletarian United Front is of primary importance, especially in the trade unions where the state has placed its agents to halt or manipulate labor struggles for the benefit of the capitalists.  Building unity in action among the rank-and-file trade unionists and utilizing various forms of struggle around appropriate demands of the practical program and the workers’ more specific needs are of vital importance. The right to have democratic unions, independent of state control or interference and the right to strike using mass pickets must be fought for and won in order for workers to engage in more advanced forms of unity in action.  These fights prepare the proletariat for greater battles ahead, where the vanguard provides the working class the consciousness, organization, and unity to raise its level of struggle from practical, partial demands to the revolutionary struggle to defeat the oligarchy and neo-fascism. Thus every step made in mobilizing the workers in unity of action is a step towards waging the class struggle in a systematic way under the leadership of the proletariat vanguard.


            Organically linked to the United Front is the Popular Front in which unity in action is built between the working class and sections of the broader masses, e.g., national minorities, women, small farmers, youth, progressive intellectuals, in struggles for democratic rights, peace, social, economic and environmental reforms, etc. The major and only condition for developing united action with these forces in the Popular Front is that the action or struggle in no way creates illusions about the form of class rule in the US but fights directly and openly against the oligarchy and neo-fascism.


            Thus, the United Front and Popular Front are revolutionary in form and content and act as significant levers for social change. In initiating and participating in both these fronts with allied classes, groups, and forces, the vanguard organization maintains its independence as the general staff of the proletariat and enables the working class to take its place as the leading factor, guiding the fight for practical demands onto the only path where they will be fully won:  the revolutionary path towards New Democracy as the transitional stage through which the proletariat establishes its dictatorship and begins the construction of Socialism.