7. The Struggle for Socialism: Tasks and Demands   of the Revolutionary Working Class Movement


A. Revolutionary Tasks of the Proletariat


            Between capitalist society and the ultimate aim of the working class movement - Communist society - there is a period of revolutionary transformation, Socialism. Before this transformation can be brought about, the proletariat must accomplish its first and immediate political task: the overthrow of the financial oligarchy and its neo-fascist state and its replacement by a New Democratic Republic that implements vital revolutionary reforms. In this regard, the NDR is a relatively brief, transitional form of popular rule between capitalism and Socialist construction, providing the proletariat the conditions to build a truly democratic government.


Once the proletariat is victorious, it utilizes state power to consolidate its leadership over the economic, political, and social spheres by working and fighting to achieve the following fundamental tasks.


            1.  Economic Tasks


            2. Political Tasks



            3.  Social Tasks



B. Practical Part of the Program: Immediate Demands of the Proletariat


            In its struggle for New Democracy and Socialism, the proletarian vanguard must fight to defend and advance the interests of the working class and its allies for partial demands. This fight responds to the crucial needs of the masses while it raises the class consciousness, organization, and fighting capacity of the proletariat to accomplish its revolutionary aims. Towards these ends, the program calls for the following immediate demands on the political and socio-economic fronts.


            1. Democratic Demands


            2. Socio-economic Demands