6. The International   Working Class Movement  

and the US Scientific Socialist Trend


              Imperialist reaction, having destroyed the International Communist Movement in 1953, put immense pressure on the Communist Party of China which morphed into a social-fascist party shortly thereafter. Next through infiltration it liquidated the Party of Labor of Albania in 1990 at the same time wrecking many other Marxist-Leninists parties. It continuously attacks all efforts to rebuild and strengthen revolutionary proletarian organization. Nevertheless, reaction has failed to destroy the international proletariat’s struggle to emancipate itself from capitalist wage slavery, fascist oppression, and imperialist war. The working class is charged by history to lead the freedom-loving and peace-loving peoples on a path out of the morass imperialism has driven them – the path of revolution and Socialism.


            Tempered by the bitter defeats of the International and US Marxist-Leninist Movements, the Scientific Socialists work to reconstruct a new working class vanguard based on Marxism-Stalinism, that is, on theory and practice that draws from the history and development of Marxism-Leninism by the CPSU (B) under the leadership of Stalin as well as from important contributions of other Bolshevized Parties.  Scientific Socialism is a revolutionary trend in the common revolutionary front with the unvanquished world proletarian forces that are fighting to build their political parties without and against neo/social-fascism and found a new International to unite, organize, and lead the working class of all countries toward achieving its historic mission.