5.  The Workers Vanguard Party - the Necessary Factor For Waging the Class Struggle


            In order for the working class to achieve and maintain its dictatorship and to build a democratic Socialist society, it needs its own independent, revolutionary party. The proletarian party is the advanced detachment and highest form of organization of the working class, leading it to wage the class struggle in a systematic way on the economic, political, and theoretical fronts.


            The American proletariat has its own long and proud history of revolutionary organization. This began with the Marxist formations of the Proletariat League and Communist Club in the 1850s that developed into the US section of the International Workingmen’s Association (1864-1876). The Socialist Labor Party ((1876-1900), and the Socialist Party (1900-1914) were the next organizations to carry the Marxist banner until the founding of the Marxist-Leninist Party of a new type - the Communist Party in 1921. In fact, the historical record proves that the American proletariat has been capable of establishing and building its vanguard detachments that effectively led the working class and people to defend and advance their interests against the bourgeoisie           


            However, for nearly five decades, since the early fifties when the CPUSA was politically destroyed by the neo/social-fascist cabal and integrated into the state machine as a fifth column mechanism, the US proletariat has struggled without its vanguard party. All efforts to reconstruct a new party have failed, including those of the US Marxist-Leninist Movement, a relatively large, organizationally diverse movement galvanized by the labor, democratic, and anti-imperialist struggles of the 60s and 70s. Groups within the USMLM viewed themselves as American contingents of the International Marxist-Leninist Movement, a fluid alliance of Communist parties and groups supportive of the Party of Labor of Albania and/or the Communist Party of China, the former of which had split from the International “Communist” Movement, and stood opposed to imperialism, Soviet social-fascism, and other anti-Marxisms, the latter of which hypocritically made the same claims. But while a number of organizations in the USMLM developed through the 70s, they either declined or dissolved in the 80s, and by the early 90s, the entire movement collapsed, due to theoretical/political backwardness and confusion, sectarianism, constant attacks by the neo-fascist state and its social-fascist fifth column agencies, and weak ties to the working class movement.