10. The Scientific Socialist Vanguard and the



            The fulfillment of the proletariat and people’s tasks of New Democratic and Socialist revolution is impossible without a complete break from all social-fascist and pseudo-Communist “parties” and groups which not only do not fight against the oligarchy and its neo-fascist dictatorship but act solely to suppress and manipulate the proletariat’s struggle for emancipation and Socialism.


            This program, in its materialist analysis of imperialism and the development of US capitalism, in its articulation of the revolutionary aims and practical demands of the working class, shows concretely how the Scientific Socialist trend theoretically and politically demarcates itself from the social-fascist fraudsters and state agencies, such as the “Communist” Party USA, the “modern Marxist-Leninists,” Maoists, as well as the various social-democratic and Trotskyite groups. In this regard, the program enables the proletarian vanguard to stand and fight against these retrograde forces of the subterranean state and lead the revolutionary working class movement to defeat them as an essential part of the struggle against the neo-fascist dictatorship.