The Falsifiers of History Nailed


It does not require much astuteness to understand the motives of the US State Department's decision to publish jointly with the British and French Foreign Offices the collection of reports and memorandums of Nazi diplomatic officials which bears the intriguing title: "Nazi-Soviet Relations, 1939-1941." A pretty good idea of these motives is given by the frenzied campaign of vilification of the Soviet Union which, as though by command, was started simultaneously in the press of the United States and the countries dependent on it soon as the collection appeared.


††††††††††† The peoples of the world, and especially the peoples of Europe, of whom the Second World War exacted such hardship and sacrifice, want to know its real causes. They want to know, and not out of idle curiosity or academic interest, but because they are anxious to utilize the lessons of the past in order to stay in time the criminal hand of those who are already hatching plans for another world war.


††††††††††† The bogus historians of the departments presided over by Marshall, Bevin and Bidault have made a gross and clumsy attempt abuse the peoplesí legitimate interest in the causes of the Second World War in order to deceive and mislead them. This was to be achieved with the help of two simple devices: first, by passing over in silence the pre-history of the war, down to 1939, and concealing the facts and documents relating to this crucial period; secondly, by passing off the most fantastic statements of Nazi diplomatic adventurers as authentic truth. The rest was to be achieved by the campaign of the reactionary press, conducted by the tried and tested methods of distortion, misrepresentation and suppression of facts relating to the period of the preparation of the Second World War.


††††††††††† But the fraud proved an unusually clumsy piece of work. It not only aroused indignation of all progressive and democratically-minded people. This latest dish from Marshallís kitchen nauseated even as casehardened exponent of American imperialism as Walter Lippmann, who said the campaign backfired on its initiators.


††††††††††† But facts are stubborn things, as every impartial person must again realize on acquainting himself with the historical survey, Falsifiers of History, published by the Soviet Information Bureau. No one who really wants to know the real background of Nazi aggression and the preparation of World War II can afford not to read this truthful and objective account of the outstanding events of the past decades, events whose significance in these days is something more than historical.


††††††††††† The fact is that after its defeat in World War I, German imperialism could not have risen to its feet again and become the formidable aggressive force without the aid of foreign, chiefly American, capital. The stream of American dollars infused fresh blood into the veins of the German imperialist marauder. The American, British, and French money magnates not only patronized German imperialism; they resurrected it and reared it as a cordon sanitaire, and then as a battering-ram against the Soviet Union.


††††††††††† It is vain for the servitors of Wall Street to claim that when Germanyís American creditors restored German imperialism to its feet they did not know what they were doing. On the contrary, the transatlantic plutocrats, the Morgans and duPonts, and their agents, the Dulleses, Hoovers, and the rest, knew very well why they were pouring their gold into Germany and not into any other country. These bitter foes of progress and peace among nations knew what they were doing when working for the resurrection of German imperialism, because they regarded it as a suitable instrument for the accomplishment of their sinister designs against the emancipation movement of the peoples, against the forces of Socialism and democracy all over the world.


††††††††††† Of course, they did not foresee that the German marauder, having grown its fangs, would not be content with being the tool of others and would endeavor to realize its insensate plan of world supremacy by turning its weapons against even those who put them into its hand. But can this blunder of the American plutocrats in any way alter the fact that they, first and foremost, are responsible and accountable to mankind for the resurgence of German aggression after World War I?


††††††††††† Further, it is a fact that after the German monopolists, acting in full concurrence with their American, British, and French patrons, had raised the gang of Nazi cutthroats to power and established the cannibal fascist regime in their country, the Western Powers, by their whole policy, expedited the unleashing of the war by Hitler Germany. They would not heed the warning voice of the Soviet Union calling for a united front of the peace-loving countries to resist German aggression; on the contrary, they systematically thwarted and frustrated every action taken by the Soviet Government in this direction. The ruling camp in Britain, France and the United States countered the Soviet Unionís policy of collective security, designed to safeguard peace and prevent aggression, by the treacherous and perfidious policy of isolating the Soviet Union, the only great power that stood watch and guard over international peace.


††††††††††† This was the shameful Munich policy, which in the minds of all progressive people has become a symbol of black treachery and reactionary blindness. It was the policy of egging on and inciting the Nazi aggressor against the Soviet Union. And it the imperialists of the United States, Great Britain, and France were in the end caught in their own net, neither does this alter the fact that for six years, from 1933 to 1939, the rulers of these countries methodically undermined the edifice of international peace until at last a second world war became unavoidable.


††††††††††† Lastly, it is a fact that on the eve of the Second World War, in the fateful spring and summer of 1939, when the Soviet Union, with amazing patience and persistence, made its last attempts to reach agreement with the Western Powers for common action against the Nazi aggressor, the British and French diplomats exploited the negotiations for the sole purpose of provoking Hitler Germany to expedite her attack on the Soviet Union. This perfidious plan was divined in good time, and Stalinís wise foreign policy succeeded in securing the USSR a certain respite, which was used by the Soviet people to strengthen their military might in face of the inevitability of an ultimate clash with Hitler Germany that was armed to the teeth.


††††††††††† The American governmentís motive in publishing materials from the Nazi archives, and at the same time excluding the documents relating to the Munich period, is obviously to divert attention from the Munich conspiracy which played the decisive role in paving the way for the world holocaust. Thereby the ruling circles of American have betrayed that they had a hand in the Munich policy and are obviously interested in concealing the fact.


††††††††††† Such are the facts which the American authors of falsified history tried to hide from the eyes of the world.


††††††††††† Having played the decisive role in demolishing the principal hotbeds of world fascism and world aggression, the Soviet Union now, after the Second World War, continues consistently to adhere to the policy of safeguarding universal peace which it has pursued from the first days of its existence. In the interest of international peace, the Soviet Union now as heretofore, exposes the warmongers who are prepared for the sake of the avaricious interests of a handful of plutocrats to plunge the world into a new shambles. The Soviet Union exposes dollar diplomacy, which now, as after the First World War, is bent on resurrecting German imperialism and is trying to turn Western Germany into an economic base and strategic bridgehead of American expansion in Europe. The Soviet Union exposes the expansionist and reckless character of the Marshall plan, whose real purpose is, not to assist the economic recovery of the Europeans countries, but to enslave them economically and politically, to harness them to the chariot of American imperialism and to make them accomplices in its war gamble.


††††††††††† The ringleaders of American imperialist expansion can say nothing to justify themselves against the grave accusations leveled at them by all champions of peaceful progress and of European and world security. They accordingly make attempt after attempt to shift the blame to other shoulders, to vilify and defame the Soviet Union, its peaceful foreign policy, its noble role as consistent champion of peace and security. They try to divert attention from American expansion, which is being pushed with ever increasing brazenness in various parts of the world, by raising a howl about ďSoviet expansion,Ē an invention of their own.


††††††††††† But these attempts invariably end in failure. More, they turn against their initiators, for the facts speak for themselves. The facts of the recent past and the facts of today constitute a damning condemnation of the American imperialists and their British and French partners.


††††††††††† The facts of the recent past show that the German aggressor was reared and nourished by international reaction, led by the American monopolists and their British and French partners. The facts of today show that the same forces of international reactions are hatching schemes of the utmost gravity and danger, constituting an immense threat to mankind.


††††††††††† Such is the conclusion to which an honest study of the historical facts and documents and an analysis of the present international situation must inevitably lead. In the face of this situation, it behooves the democratic and progressive camp to expose the warmongers and to explain to the millions the real meaning of current developments. This word of exposure is necessary in order to foil the sinister designs of international reaction, which today, as a quarter of a century ago, is plotting against the peace, the liberty and the very existence of nations.


††††††††††† The more effectively these designs are exposed in the eyes of the masses, the more successful will be the fight against the camp of imperialist reaction, and the sooner will the schemes against the welfare of mankind be brought to perdition.