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It would be a mistake to think that the revolutionary classes are invariably strong enough to effect a revolution whenever such a revolution has fully matured by virtue of the conditions of social and economic development. No, human society is not constituted so rationally or “conveniently” for progressive elements. A revolution may be ripe, and yet the forces of its creators may prove insufficient to carry it out, in which case society decays, and this process of decay sometimes drags on for very many years.

V.I. Lenin


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of the Revolutionary Proletariat's Class Struggle!

Scientific Socialist is a voice of the revolutionary proletarian trend in the US. It rejects the myths of reaction, which would have us believe that capitalism is eternally triumphant and Socialism dead.

Behind world fascism's fog of deception lies the reality -

we are living in the epoch of imperialism and the proletarian revolution.

Having entered its imperialist stage at the turn of the 20th century, capitalism has been moribund for “very many years” and since the end of World War II has reached a new low, expressed in the decomposition of capitalist relations and chaotic social decay.

The revolution and Socialism are far from dead. While it is true that proletarian Socialism is no longer a reality in any country today, the "specter" of the revolution and Socialism still haunts the bourgeoisie. The capitalists both hate and fear the working class and democratic forces that continually struggle against the effects of wage slavery, fascist oppression, predatory imperialist wars, and other intolerable conditions of rotting capitalism. And, they convulse over the many millions of masses who share the ideals of true democracy and Socialism.

However, as Lenin suggested, the forces required for realizing these ideals may be insufficient. These forces are the proletarian vanguard and other advanced units of labor that provide the consciousness, unity, and organization necessary for the progressive movements to wage the class struggle against the bourgeoisie.

In fact, they are insufficient on a world scale. Worse still, in many countries they are entirely absent.

This is the plight of the labor and democratic movements in the US. Both have been without their genuine vanguard and advanced organizations for years, negating their existence as real independent, oppositional movements as their politics and activities became subjugated to the neo-fascist state and to manipulation by the fifth column.

The American working class can no longer put up with this miserable despotism of big capital which continuously degrades labor, wrecks democracy, and launches predatory wars of conquest -all for the purpose of maximizing profits for the financial oligarchy.

Those in the vanguard, those who count themselves as Marxist-Leninists, revolutionaries, or progressives, pro-union militant workers, anti-fascists and anti-imperialists, must step forward and unite to work out a dynamic line of march to overcome the obstacles blocking the path. This unity cannot be merely formal or bureaucratic but practical and tempered, built on various levels in the process of achieving vital, mutually agreed upon goals. This unity must be geared toward formulating and implementing the program, strategy, and tactics that foster the all-round intellectual development and class struggle of the workers and people. Over the past ten years, Scientific Socialist has carried analysis of issues essential to raising revolutionary working-class consciousness. Of special importance have been articles which shed light on contemporary US conditions, including the reactionary state apparatus that constantly operates to pre-empt and sabotage the unity of the advanced forces. Equally significant, the review has formulated a draft program for changing these conditions and has offered guidance on how to defeat the attacks of regressive forces that hamper progress.

In sum, the major purpose of Scientific Socialist is to foster political consciousness among the working class and its allies that will steel their unity, and forge organizations capable of waging a determined class struggle against monopoly capitalism and its state to achieve their democratic and revolutionary goals.

Presently, the site will be publishing selected articles from Scientific Socialist. Those who are interested in responding to the calls and contents of the review with questions, comments, criticisms should feel free to email the address on this page. At some point in the future, the site will also call for and publish papers on issues vital to the working class struggle and open up a semi-public forum for supporters and friends to exchange views on major questions.



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